Goldenfog City is one of the world's largest infrastructure projects. It is an interconnected city of over one million permanent residents living within three visually distinct, yet fully attached boroughs. The shape of the city resembles that of an "A", which symbolizes the more anarchist ideals the city was originally founded upon. It is seeped in with some of the most modern and also classical amenities found all around the globe. This includes the "Hyperline Transportation System" fast capsule elevators, as well as autonomous drones created for around the clock maintenance of infrastructure and much more. The city maintains fairly healthy, if not slightly tense relations with the surrounding governments of both New York state and the United States leadership after a brief, but bitter conflict between the two powers. Goldenfog City was originally founded as a response to new founded pro Communism attitudes circulating within the western world, particularly in the more liberal areas of the United States and Canada, in which Goldenfog is situated very close to. After the conclusion of the conflict the United States agreed on a treaty to help save face both domestically and internationally, so as not to be seen as vicious warmongers. The fairly large stretch of land given to these inhabitants was then on known as "Designated Free Territory".

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